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Surveillance Films is an entertainment film, television, and digital media company based in Brooklyn, New York.  We create and distribute narrative and documentary content theatrically and digitally.  We also license a film archive to outlets such as Kino Lorber and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Kenneth Robinson  (Founder) is a creative storyteller with over twenty years of experience in cinema and television.  A graduate of USC School of Cinema Arts, he has written, directed, produced, filmed and hosted for both scripted and journalistic forms.  He wrote original screenplays and teleplays exploring issues of war, espionage, generational conflict, shifting cultural mores, and the impact of technology on society.  Previous work has been purchased and put into development by HBO, NHK Japan, and Spike Lee.

Current Work


Our newest series explores a modern world that is both increasingly connected, yet disconnected.  The tales weave through the genres of military drama, mystery and thriller.  Above all, we feature human stories of recognizable conflict, within families, communities, and within and across national borders.  



info @ surveillancefilms . com

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